Done with school, back in Singapore

After three amazing years at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy, I find myself back where I came from. A lot of things have changed in three years – three life times; I can’t even navigate the underground system in Singapore without a map anymore. I’ve forgotten what it felt like to actually write something longer than a sentence. Honestly, even writing this feels difficult after expressing myself with my hands and tools for 3 years. I’m being rather dramatic, I know, but Italy though.

So school’s done (again), what next?

Setting up again in Singapore, finding out what’s been going on. Trying to balance out Illustration work with the desperate need to paint again, even though it’s only been two weeks since I last touched a paintbrush. All my paintings arrived safely (and suddenly), so my room’s covered in HEAPS of faces and naked people, and my self portrait sits right next to my bed. Judging me with that look.

Self Portrait, 2015 - Oil on Canvas
Self Portrait, 2015 – Oil on Canvas


“Paint, Sara. Paint. Today. TODAAAAAY.”

Anyways, I’ve started a new page on this site called “Projects”, with my last painting at the Florence Academy of Art, Ozymandias, that got into a tie for the Painting of the Year. That’s where I’m going to be continuing this adventure for the next year, so keep watching this space!


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