About me

Sara Chong was born in 1986 on a tiny yet very, very crowded island on the equator called Singapore, and it was all in all a very, very wet ordeal. 21 rainy seasons later, in the wettest wet of 2008, she got tired of animating for her degree in Digital animation at the School of Art, Design and Media, NTU, and decided to travel up to the North to another tiny little place called Viborg, in Denmark. There she joined the Drawing Academy for 6 months, which was where she first learned the wonders of drawing academically and frolicking in the grass.

Eventually, Sara had to return to Singapore to finish her degree, and graduated in 2009 with a BFA in Digital animation with a rather specific specialization in Puppet animation. She told some stories, played with some dolls, and then moved on to making illustrations for card games, board games, computer games and books. All this she did for about 3 years, but the dream of studying more about academic drawing and frolicking in the grass never left her. Finally, in 2012, she decided that it was time to pick up her loose ends and do that very thing. She got accepted in 2012 by the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy, and has since been obsessed about drawing and its philosophies. It wasn’t long before painting became another part of that obsession, and she finally feels like she’s found the perfect bridge for her two worlds – the love of telling stories with images, and the love of the pure act of creation through methods passed down through the ages.

She believes that we are all decedents of  the past, predecessors of the future, and every story told is a story told throughout history. She would love to paint more, and she dreams of creating paintings where everyone gets to see themselves in everyone else. We’re all naked underneath anyway, so it shouldn’t be too hard?





  1. Hi, I find your fully rendered figure drawings really amazing. Can u give me some tips on how to improve fully rendered figure drawing and how do you approach your figure drawing ? 🙂

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